Tips On Getting A Tooth Filling

Published: 10th June 2009
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Filling the Teeth:

Tooth decay is common problem among individuals. There are several ways in which the decaying process can be averted, filling the teeth is the most basic way. For proper care and good oral health, one should take special care for preventing decay. Filling is one the best ways of preventing decay. Read through to get a deeper insight on filling.

Filling process:

Before actually filling the tooth, doctors must first remove the decay from the tooth with help of various blurs. Once the tooth cavity is decay free, fillings are accordingly made. Depending on the decay intensity and tooth conditions temporary or permanent fillings are made. Some of these materials also contain fluoride thus offering better tooth care and preventing the tooth from further decay. For long term fillings, dentists normally use composite resin, glass ionomer, zinc oxide and eugenol.

Following the given procedure will help to determine if there is a need of filling:

Observation - Proper observation of the teeth is very crucial to determine the filling needed. Normally decaying symptoms are visible in form of some discoloured spots on the teeth. On the other hand observing the enamel can also help to make the decision of filling. A healthy tooth enamel is harder then a decayed enamel.

Cavity-detecting dye - Most dentists use cavity detecting dye, which leaves behind stains on the decayed areas.

X-Rays - This is the best way to determine the decayed areas and if they need any filling. X-Ray also helps to find the exact locations where fillings are to be made.

Care of filling:

Even though filling can last a long time ,they generally don't last for more than seven years. For maintaining the filling for a longer period of time, proper tooth care is very essential. Visit the dentist regularly for cleanings, brush with a fluoride tooth paste and floss at least once a day. Never, use a tooth picks on the filling area it my come out or get cracked.

One has to replace the fillings over the time. Never be careless in these matters as the tooth may get damaged. Fillings will help to save the tooth so make sure that complete tooth care is taken.

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