Herbal Tooth Powder For Gum Problems

Published: 11th June 2009
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One of the very essential parts of staying healthy is to take proper care of your teeth. Dental care is one practice that adds to an overall fitness of everyone. There are a few habits regarding the maintenance of the teeth, which must be inculcated in a regular routine. Cleaning of the teeth is one such habit, which is very important for the right dental care. Regular cleaning of the teeth will ensure that there is no development of plaque or tartars on the teeth. Thus there are several products available in the market as a teeth cleaner. Herbal tooth powders are one such product, which is gaining immense popularity worldwide.

How it works:

Herbal tooth powder contains many natural herbs like white oak bark, horsetail herb, peppermint leaf, Aloe Vera resin, Goldenseal root, Clove oil, Tea tree oil, and many others. These herbs have been proven very effective in keeping the teeth clean and intact. The basic action of this powder is to tighten gums and thus preventing loosening of the tooth. These herbal tooth powders are also effective in treating various kinds of tooth, gum, and mouth disorders. They have been found effective in treating sore, swollen and inflamed gums and they are very helpful in treating sore mouth, pyorrhea, calculus, gingivitis and many more. These herbal tooth powders are used the same way as toothpaste. First wet the toothbrush, then dip it into the container containing the herbal toothpowder and then brush the same way as you regularly brush your teeth. It is advisable that these toothpowders should be used twice a day to get best results. The herbal toothpowder along with proper brushing techniques can do wonders for your dental health.

Advantages of herbal toothpowder:

It is always advantageous to use any herbal product as they are devoid of synthetic chemicals. These synthetic chemicals are often harmful for the health of the person. These chemicals can have many side effects on the health of the person. Thus herbal products always save you from the hazards of the synthetic chemicals.

Teeth are an asset as they help to enjoy the food and also help to process the food so that they are fit for consumption of the cells in the body. So if proper care of teeth are taken ,you will experience a greater health.

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